Summer Champions



A huge well done and thank you to all our 2017 Summer Champions!

Thanks to you we can continue in our work to find a family for every child.

 "Summer champions 2016 was a blast! I ran 10 km with some friends at Mudderella, Whistler ! UPHILL !! I did it to raise money for adoptive families and youth in care.

 I loved this summer champions idea as I was participating in a healthy outdoor group event for charity – raising money for youth initiatives that are important to me.


 Summer Champions 2017

Challenge yourself to be a Summer Champion! You can support finding forever families for kids in BC's foster care system by joining AFABC's Summer Champions fundraising campaign.

The winner of the WestJet prize was R. Patterson who's 3 children are looking forward to picking out their next holiday destination!

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Contact Caoimhe at or 604-320-7330 ext 108.


Goal $ 10,000.00
34.59% towards our goal
$ 3,458.83 raised

Our 2017 Summer Champions