Teen adoption



When most people think about adoption, they think about babies.

The truth is, there are hundreds of British Columbia teens who are waiting for a permanent family.

Each year, approximately 25 teens are adopted by BC families. Over 400 youth are still waiting to be adopted.

Growing up in care is difficult, and youth can spend years in foster care, moving from home to home. Like all of us, teens need stability, a sense of belonging, and opportunities to develop and grow. Success is far more likely for teens who grow up in families. 

Most teens who have been adopted thrive in their new families and say it was the best thing that ever happened to them.

Education and support are crucial to learning amore about the joys and challenges of adopting and parenting teens.

Your adoption options

To adopt a teen in BC, you must adopt through the Ministry of Children and Family Development's Adopt BC Kids program.

Meet the Everton-Fergusons

Karen and Mike knew they wanted to adopt an older child from foster care. They welcomed their pre-teen daughter Tanisha home through Adopt BC Kids.

Life skills and information for youth from foster care.

Children, from babies to teens, need families.