Tax matters: how to claim the adoption tax credit

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It’s everyone’s favourite time of year again: tax time! This year a reader asked us for help understanding how to claim Canada’s adoption tax credit. In this article, adoptive dad and financial professional John Hakkarainen returns for the third year in a row—this time, to explain the nuts and bolts of line 313.

What is the adoption tax credit and why it is important?

My children often tell me that my jokes are taxing! I am hoping that the guide below helps you to reduce your tax liability so that you have more money to spend on cheese.

For the love of foster care

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Our friends at the BC Federation of Foster Parent Associations (BCFFPA) are celebrating a big anniversary in 2017. They've been serving the foster parents of BC for 50 years! In this interview, executive director Jayne Wilson tells us more about BCFFPA's work, and why foster care and adoption should go hand in hand.

Why profiles matter

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From time to time, people express concerns over the profiles we circulate of kids in BC who are waiting for adoptive families. In this issue’s Opinion column, a social worker and an adoptive parent explain how they protect kids’ privacy, and why profiles matter. Want to share your opinion on an adoption-related topic?  We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at

Why profiles matter: a social worker’s perspective

By Kirsty Stormer

Caring for Indigenous families

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The Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS), formerly Caring for First Nations Children Society, is a registered charitable non-profit founded in 1994. IPS has played a significant role in the delivery of training and policy development in the Indigenous child welfare field. We interviewed IPS staff about their recent move into providing support and training to caregivers of Indigenous children who are in foster care.


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