Review: Lion

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In Lion, which stars Dev Patel of Slumdog MIllionaire fame, international adoption gets a rare, heart-wrenching, nuanced portrayal on the big screen.

Emerging ideas around adoption

Focus on Adoption magazine

I attended the North American Council on Adoptable Children Conference in Los Angles in July 2015 with the intention of checking facts for my new book on adoptive parenting, discovering new ideas, and meeting wonderful people. I accomplished all three goals and found the whole experience exhilarating. There is amazing energy when more than 900 dedicated people meet and exchange ideas. The conference was full of inspiring sessions.

Stories we tell

Focus on Adoption magazine

Stories We Tell is a thoughtful film about Canadian filmmaker Sarah Polley’s discovery as an adult that her father is not her biological father.

While not an adoption-themed movie, per se, the film does a wonderful job of illuminating the secretiveness and confusion that are often a part of closed adoptions. Similar to adoptees who discover accidently or late in life that they are adopted, Polley discovers that she was likely the product of an extramarital affair, and that many people knew about it or had guessed it -– everyone but her.

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