Adoption with the help of the Internet: Pros and cons

Focus on Adoption magazine

The Canada Adopts website describes itself as a place where prospective adoptive families and birth families connect. It boasts that it is the only Internet site that provides adoption-related information and a parent registry in one place.

Two adoptive parents in Calgary, who adopted their first child through a similar US service, started Canada Adopts.

The website allows adoptive parents to post a personal profile, a “Dear Birth Mother” letter, a family photo album, a description of their family, and the contact info for the agency they are working with. 

Adoption and the internet: Benefits and hazards


Adoption Research: The Internet offers a world library of resources from studies and reports to articles and personal stories at your fingertips.

Information Sharing: Chat rooms and email listservs allow parents and prospective adopters to get the straight goods from people going through the process, bounce ideas off each other and discuss ideas. It’s cheaper and you can access a much larger pool of people that you can in person.


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