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Waiting Child Finally Becomes the Centre of Attention

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The parents of biological children know their child’s prenatal history and most of what we might call their medical inheritance. Adoptive parents, even those who adopt “healthy newborns,” usually have far less information. They must take a leap of faith that all will be well and, that if the child has unexpected disabilities or challenges, that they will adapt and cope.

When the Wait Seems Too Long

Focus on Adoption magazine

Q: I am 37 and my husband is 47.  We have been waiting for a local infant proposal for two years and have not been chosen by birth parents. How much longer should we wait before we pursue other options or give up altogether?

A: The waiting is a difficult part of the adoption process. Waiting for a domestic adoption can be even harder because there is no set time frame or predictability for when, or if, birth parents may consider your homestudy.

When Birth Parents Change Their Minds

Focus on Adoption magazine

Though they are rare, and most adoptions go through seamlessly, revocations by birth parents happen.

In BC, birth parents have 30 days from the time their child is born to change their minds and decide to parent their child.

Usually those 30 days pass by, albeit slowly, and the parents can breathe a sigh of relief. For others, it’s not quite so simple.

Real Siblings

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Around the time of his third birthday, my son John started urging me to adopt a baby. He launched a relentless, unequivocal campaign. He has always been a determined individual, and he had made up his mind. He was going to have a sibling.

Looking Back — Adoption in BC. The Last Decade.

Focus on Adoption magazine

by Harriet Fancott

As the millenium comes to a close, we thought a recap of the most important changes in adoption over that period would be fitting. For simplicity, however, we decided to stick to the last decade.

The Adoption Act: The biggest catalyst for change within the BC adoption community over the last decade came with the new Adoption Act, which was introduced in 1994 and came into force Nov 4, 1996. The 1994 Act replaced the 1957 Act and was hailed as one of the most progressive in North America.


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